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Wilkinsburg Uses iPads for Personal Literacy Learning

Sarah Schneider

Teachers in two Wilkinsburg elementary schools are now using iPads as part of the district’s new personal learning literacy curriculum.  

Kelly Polosky, a fifth grade teacher at Kelly Elementary said her students are able to move at their own pace with the use of tablets.

“During that intervention hour, students are able to stay focused and work on something they specifically need and it’s really hard to get to all those students at a small group table for me to work on, so this is something they can benefit from working on their own.”

The school district is using a portion of its Keystones to Opportunity state literacy grant to lease the iPads for two-years for students in pre-K through sixth grades.

Polosky says the apps cut down on time she would have spent telling each student what they were to be working on.

Now after they log into the iPads and take a pre-test, everything they need to know about the lesson is right in front of them.

“They’re involved, they’re focused, they’re staying on task and there is always something there is always something on hand they could be working on to meet the challenge.”

The district also announced additional grant funding became available and expects to have an iPad for each student next year.