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Indiana University Of Pennsylvania Moving To Per-Credit Fees



Indiana University of Pennsylvania plans to implement per-credit tuition for full-time, in-state students, rather than the flat annual rate of $7,060.

IUP announced the change in January 2015 but didn't implement it last fall.

The school, one of 14-state-owned universities that are part of the State System of Higher Education, said Monday it will implement the new tuition scheme this fall.

The move is meant to boost revenue at the school and to discourage full-time students from dropping courses. University president Michael Driscoll says full-time students can take 12 to 17.9 hours per semester but under the flat-rate plan, students who take fewer classes subsidize those who take more classes.

The per-credit tuition fee will add $565 to the bill of a student taking 15 credit hours per semester.