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Greening the East Busway

Nearly 300 trees will line the Martin Luther King Jr. Busway in Homewood to add greenery and reduce noise for the residents who live between North Braddock Avenue and North Homewood Avenue.

The project is a collaboration among the city of Pittsburgh, Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA), Tree Pittsburgh, and Operation Better Block (OBB). 

Jerome Jackson, Executive Director of OBB, said the organization helped raise $15,000 for the project and gathered about 100 volunteers from various organizations for today's planting.   OBB is also responsible for maintaining the trees that   Jackson said will do more than “beautify” the area.

“They will block some of the noise coming from the busway [and] as we look to build new houses along this street here, residents who live close to the busway, we know that noise could be an issue for them, so these trees will help block that,” Jackson said.

Kerri Clauser, a Homewood resident, says this project is bringing life to Homewood.

“To go outside with the kids and be able to look over at the busway and see trees in the spring will be an awesome experience.”