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Winter Storm 'Euclid' Continues to Nag Travellers

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Wednesday's snowstorm, named 'Euclid', dumped four and a half inches of snow on Pittsburgh Wednesday, and many modes of transportation are still experiencing the delays associated with the weather.

The Port Authority of Allegheny County says it is experiencing some delays on certain bus routes, although most routes are not affected by the snow. PAT warns bus riders to leave extra time in case their buses are experiencing delays.

According to the Port Authority, some rerouting is occurring on the 81 and 83 routes in the Hill District due to road conditions; riders may wish to head to Centre Avenue to catch bus service. PAT says there are no delays associated with its light rail routes.

Pittsburgh International Airport has been reporting "moderate" to "significant" delays on many of its flights, and other flights to Cleveland and Washington have even been cancelled today. The bigest problem for the Allegheny County Airport Authority is icy conditions.

The Pittsburgh and Allegheny County Public Works Departments have been hard at work on the area's roadways, with most major routes being relatively clear of snow as of Thursday morning thanks to overnight salt and plow crews.

The Associated Press reports one man was killed in a snow-related accident near Allentown yesterday after he stopped his car on the interstate to check on a disabled vehicle.

Winter Storm 'Euclid' left up to a foot of snow in Forest and McKean Counties to the north; seven to eight inches of snow were dropped closer to home in Indiana and Somerset Counties.

The National Weather Service is predicting that another storm will pass through the region Friday night and Saturday.