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Energy Companies First to Utilize Field Gas for Hydraulic Fracturing Operations

Diesel is generally the fuel used to power everything from vehicles going to and from natural gas well sites to equipment used at the sites.

EQT Corporation and Green Field Energy have announced the completion of multiple fracturing stages using pumps powered by natural gas supplied from a Marcellus Shale gas well.

“Most of the engines used for hydraulic fracturing are diesel, so if you have turbine pumps that can use the natural gas on-site as the fuel source, it’s cleaner burning and reduces up to 85 percent of fuel costs,” said EQT spokeswoman Linda Robertson.

The Turbine Frac Pump technology is capable of running on 100 percent natural gas, whereas other pumps require diesel.

“By eliminating diesel and using 100 percent field gas, we are able to reduce emissions of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and sulfur oxides as well as decrease the amount of truck traffic on local roads,” Robertson said.

In 2012, EQT launched a pilot program to begin converting drilling rigs to natural gas. Four have been commissioned to date. Robertson said now that the first 100 percent natural gas-powered operation is complete, companies will likely continue to expand use of the technology.