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Wildfire Prevention Season in Pennsylvania

April showers bring May flowers, yet April is one of the worst months for wildfires in Pennsylvania. 

Mid-March through Mid-May is designated as fire prevention season in Pennsylvania. Terry Brady of the PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) said there were easily more than 100 wildfires in Pennsylvania .

“Spring is such a dry and such a vile time in terms of weather,” said Brad, “dry winds, strong sunshine and brown fields, brown brush, brown forests, low green, and until that green-out happens and we start getting foliage, the fire danger is very high.”

Brady says the fire prevention declaration aims to make people aware of the higher chances of a wild fire occurring.

The majority of these fires are sparked by carelessness while burning lawn debris according to Brady. But he said many of the fires this weekend were due to the influx of people into state parks for the nice weather as well as the opening of trout season.

Brady says Pennsylvania experiences about 600-700 fires per year burning approximately 8,000-9,000 acres of land.

“When you go to our state forests, be in mind that you’re not allowed to have campfires, small fires to warm up, until pretty much the beginning of May only because of the inherent fire danger,” said Brady.

Even more fires are predicted today by the DCNR before the rain hits Tuesday, but the firefighters are well prepared with flame retardants, helicopters, and planes on call at most airports.

Brady also reminds people that if they are responsible for a wild fire, they will be responsible for the cost of putting it out.

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