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Environment & Energy

Better Energy Storage Gives Renewables a Boost

Tara Holsopple
The Allegheny Front

Ted Wiley doesn’t look like your typical company vice president. He’s young, and wearing a casual blue sweater. At Aquion Energy’s small warehouse near the river in Pittsburgh, Wiley puts on clear safety glasses, and leads me down a ramp and into a room that houses the rotary dial press.

"It’s a 10-ton press and we use it to press the powders that we make one of the electrodes in our battery with," Wiley explains.

The machine isn’t really high tech. Similar models press powder into aspirin. This one spits out  black pellets which Wiley describes as, "kind of like one of the sides of an Oreo cookie."

With each thump of the machine, another electrode is born. It’s where energy is stored in the batteries the company produces in their actual factory in a nearby county.

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