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Making Gas Bills in PA More Informative

Many Pennsylvanians don’t know that they can choose who supplies the natural gas that comes into their homes, and many that have chosen a gas supplier have very little understanding of that relationship, according to the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission. 

Now the PUC has taken a step toward addressing the later.

The commission has approved a tentative order to require gas bills to set aside space for information about the company that is supplying the gas.

The order now goes out for 45 days of public comment followed by a final vote. If approved, the bills for customers who have chosen a natural gas supplier will see the company’s logo, contact information, rates and a shopping information box.

“I think we picture it resulting in kind of a joint bill between the default utility and the supplier rather than one bill for the utility and its difficult to tell who the supplier is and if there is one,” said Robin Tilley, Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission spokesperson.

The move follows by a year a similar requirement that electric bills carry similar information that the PUC believes has been a success.

“Based on being in the field and hearing from consumers themselves that we have added some clarity and maybe removed some confusion that may have been there in the past,” Tilly said.

On a broader front, Tilly encourages those who have not explored the possibility of choosing their natural gas supplier to go to PAgasswitch.com to learn about their options.

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