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Pittsburgh’s Had A Lot Of Rain This Year, But Not As Much As Record-Making 2018

Katie Blackley
90.5 WESA

Pittsburgh has experienced about 7.5 inches above normal precipitation for the year, according to the National Weather Service. 

While it's a lot, NWS Meteorologist Fred McMullen said Pittsburgh's precipitation rates are still 2 inches less than in 2018, which was the wettest year on record. 

In 2018, there was a record high of 57.83 inches of precipitation for the entire year. So far in 2019, it's reached 27.71 inches.

McMullen said NWS does not know if this year's precipitation rates will surpass last year's.

"It's just a matter of weather pattern. We're still a long way to go ... You could get back to back tropical storms and you could have a wet year, or we could go into a drought for the next couple months, so it's kind of really hard to predict," McMullen said.

The city has seen rain, snow or hail about 71 percent of the year -- or 134 of the last 188 days.

Though it's not far into July, it has rained most of the month so far -- six of the last seven days.

McMullen said the river velocity and flows are running high, and there have been some cases where white water rafting may not have been allowed in areas outside of Pittsburgh.

He said heavy rain in a short period of time could also lead to landslides, but they cannot be predicted.

"The longer you have drier periods and if you don't have a lot of wet periods, above average precipitation ... That's good," McMullen said.

Here’s the breakdown of precipitation of some kind in Pittsburgh as of July 7:

  • January - 26 of 31 days
  • February - 21 of 28 days
  • March - 21 of 31 days
  • April - 20 of 30 days
  • May - 23 of 31 days
  • June - 17 of 30 days
  • July - 6 of 7 days

The NWS reports there are sunny skies in the forecast for Tuesday and Wednesday with a chance of thunderstorms Wednesday night and Thursday.