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Pittsburgh bowhunters bag 4 deer over opening archery weekend

A white-tailed deer browses by a road.
Robert F Bukaty
A white-tailed deer browses by a road.

Pittsburgh city officials report that bowhunters killed four deer over the weekend — one in Frick Park and three in Riverview Park. The controlled archery hunt was part of a city-backed effort to address Pittsburgh’s ballooning deer populations. From the four deer killed — all does — the city said 160 pounds of meat has been donated to local food banks.

Pittsburgh’s pilot deer culling program aims to better manage the rapidly increasing number of city deer. A select group of local hunters are allowed to hunt Monday through Saturday during the 2023-2024 white-tailed deer archery season — spanning from Sept. 30 to Dec. 9, and Dec. 26 to Jan. 27.

City officials have said they hope to cull 30 - 90 deer this season, and while there is no official number for how many deer are out there, this hunting season should inform future deer management plans.

City authorities, in collaboration with the Pennsylvania Game Commission, selected 30 individuals to participate in the program. Participants underwent a background check, wildlife violation check, and archery proficiency test before being accepted into the program. Following completion of accuracy tests, the hunters were assigned to specific areas within the parks. Hunters must stay 50 yards from populated areas like backyards and dog parks.