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Identity & Community

Event Celebrates ‘Homewood Heroes' And The Community’s Past And Future


The community group The Homewood Experience will host a celebratory event this Sunday, Sept. 19. Themed “History in Motion,” the occasion is meant to honor Homewood’s rich cultural heritage.

During it, community members will be able to engage in several activities, including seeing local artist, Camo, create an original mural live; watching a screening of the “Homewood is Home” documentary; engaging in an artwork tour; and seeing the "Homewood Walk-of-Fame."

“What we are really doing in this is affirming what the Homewood community already knows to be true, that other communities, other places throughout the city, and even beyond the city, might not recognize because of the way Homewood is typically portrayed,” said Demi Kolke, senior program manager of Corridor Revitalization with Neighborhood Allies.

There will also be free food, giveaways, music and entertainment. The event will be from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. and located at 528 North Homewood Ave.