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Bike Share Pittsburgh introduces Adaptive POGOH at Eliza Furnace Trailhead in Hazelwood

An adaptive bicycle.
Thomas Riley
90.5 WESA
One of the new adaptive bicycles.

Nestled in the corner of the parking lot of the Eliza Furnace Trailhead, a fleet of adaptive bikes line up beside a POGOH tent, ready for use by riders who prefer an alternative to a traditional bicycle.

POGOH, run by Bike Share Pittsburgh Inc., has seven adaptive bikes available to use on the Three Rivers Heritage Trail, including a hand tricycle, tandem bicycle, cargo bicycle, recumbent bicycle, low-step through bicycle, side-by-side tricycle and an adult tricycle.

Each adaptive bike seeks to address a different obstacle prospective riders may face, from physical disabilities to biking anxiety. Director of Marketing and Community Outreach Erin Potts says the program is part of a larger mission to ensure anyone is able to go out and enjoy a bike ride if they want to.

“While our two wheeled bicycles are awesome…two wheeled bicycles don't suit everyone,” she said. “And we want to continue to strive to fulfill this mission of building the best Bike Share program for everyone in Pittsburgh.”

Riders can try out the different cycles on Sundays and Wednesdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., and the program will be open all summer until Sept. 29.

Adaptive POGOH launched two weeks ago but has already seen over a dozen rentals in its first few openings. Rentals are free to the public, and while they do take walk-ups, POGOH recommends making a reservation on their website.

Currently, the bikes are only available at the Eliza Furnace Trailhead, but Potts says POGOH is using this pilot as a chance to figure out the best next steps for future initiatives involving inclusive and adaptive biking.

“We know that we are going to have a learning year this year,” she said. “We’re using all the feedback we’re getting from folks to help inform the introduction of new and different cycles, or modifying the cycles that we have, and also hopefully providing a second — and one day maybe even third — location where people can access the adaptive fleet.”

Pittsburgh’s bikeshare system has seen over a million rides since its launch a decade ago and has 60 stations located throughout the city. Potts says the Adaptive POGOH program will continue to help include more and more people in the biking conversation in Pittsburgh.

“It's been overwhelming, the enthusiasm that we've received from Pittsburgh about Adaptive POGOH,” she said. “We really just hope that that grows and grows over the years so we can continue to spread the word and make sure everyone knows what options there are when it comes to outdoor mobility.”

Thomas is a rising senior at the University of Pittsburgh pursuing a double major in Politics and Philosophy and English Writing. They are currently the opinions editor at The Pitt News, the content manager for Policy and Political Review and a head writer for Pitt's best and only late night talk show, Pitt Tonight.