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National Aviary to Premiere Flying, Feathered Visual Symphony

The National Aviary in the North Shore is set to premier a visual symphony complete with birds, thanks to a partnership with Carnegie Mellon University’s Fine Arts Program.

The show was created to celebrate International Migratory Bird Day, on May 10th.

“It’s a bird show, but it’s a bird show where the birds are flying and doing behaviors,” said Cathy Schlott Curator of Behavioral Management and Education at the Aviary. “The birds are just doing their things and we’re going to have different set pieces that are interacting with them, and it’s going to be something that is very unique.”

The birds will fly free in the room, while lights, dancers and music fill the 135-seat theater.

Students from CMU wrote the music and choreography. 

“[The students] came and they approached us, and asked if something like this was possible, and I got on board very quickly because I thought it was just such a unique thing," said Schlott. 'There has been a lot of work but into it from the students at Carnegie Mellon University’s Master of Fine Arts and from the national aviary trainers."

The show will only run twice, Sunday May 4th and 11th. For those two days, the aviary will offer discounted $10 tickets and will remain open until 7:30.