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For 4 Years Running, Pittsburgh’s South Side Has Had Largest Number of Violent Crimes

Greg Dunlap / flickr

For four years, the South Side Flats has had the largest number of violent crimes in Pittsburgh, and the situation has become so bad that the Public Safety Department has created a new position to help cut crimes against patrons of bars and nightclubs there.

Maya Henry, who’s been on the job for about two weeks as the city’s “nighttime economy manager,” will work with restaurants and bars to reduce violent incidents on the South Side and in other neighborhoods such as East Liberty and North Oakland, said Sonya Toler, a spokeswoman for the department.

Mirroring a citywide trend, violent crime in the South Side Flats has dropped since 2010, but police still reported 102 violent incidents there in 2013, according to figures released Monday by the Pittsburgh Police.

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