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Tales of Lawrenceville: Commemorating a Neighborhood Bicentennial

The neighborhood of Lawrenceville was established 200 years ago, by the father of Stephen Foster. In that time the riverside area has seen an interesting range of people, events and industries which helped shape American history and culture.

On Friday the 200th anniversary will be commemorated with movies and lectures presented by the Lawrenceville Historical Society, at the Row House Cinema. Community Historians Carol Peterson and James Wudarczyk join us to chat about Lawrenceville history and share a few lesser known stories.

This Wednesday, the bicentennial celebration will continue with a free lecture from James Wudarczyk. Having numerous articles and books on Lawrenceville published during the last thirty years, Wudarczyk will recount the first hundred years of the neighborhood's heritage with numerous anecdotes and character studies. The event is free and open to the public. Information follows below:

Lawrenceville's Golden Years 1814-1914

Wednesday, September 17th

Auditorium of the Carnegie Library, Fisk Street

Event begins at 6:30 p.m.

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