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Three Pittsburgh Schools Evacuated Following Voicemail Threat

A voicemail threat left on a West Liberty Elementary school number has prompted the Pittsburgh Public School District to evacuate West Liberty, South Brook 6-8 and Pioneer.

The voicemail apparently threatens that a sniper would be at the school today. The message was found shortly before school started. Police are investigating the threat.

West Liberty and South Brook students were taken to Brashear High School where they will remain until their regular dismissal time. District spokeswoman Ebony Pugh said if parents would like to pick up their students from the high school, photo identification will be needed.

Pugh says they opted to move the students rather than sending them directly home over concerns that there might not be anyone at home to supervise them.

Pioneer, which serves special-needs students, was evacuated to nearby Resurrection Church. The district will transport students home from Brashear.

In a statement, Acting Police Chief Cameron McLay said that "precautions have been taken on the part of the school district to ensure the safety of the students."

"While there is no credible threat," the statement continued, "the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police is working with other agencies to swiftly identify the individual responsible for these phoned-in threats."