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Even the Plants in Point State Park Historically Relevant

Charlee Song
90.5 WESA

Penn State Master Gardeners, as partners with the PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, have been working in Point State Park refurbishing the historic flower beds put in on Earth Day. 

Events in the park over the summer took a toll on the native plants near the Block House, according to Philip Bauerle, Interim Penn State Master Gardener Coordinator.  ”The site was crucial during the French and Indian War, and a lot of people were viewing it as a place to go during the Art Festival and see the free concerts, so they really want to restore the historical relevance to this site, and we’re helping to do that, as master gardeners would do--to plant plants and plant historically relevant plants.”

There are 170 master gardeners in Allegheny County.  All have gone through training sessions, passed a final exam, and put in hours of volunteer work.  Wherever you see them working, be it the rain gardens at the Allegheny County Courthouse or the North and South Park demonstration gardens, to name a few projects, Bauerle says they’ll answer any gardening questions you might have.

Charlee Song has been covering news for 90.5 FM since 2000—an opportunity she considers a great privilege. She finds almost every assignment interesting and really enjoys working with both the veterans and interns at WESA.