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Big Plans for Tiny Houses in Garfield

With plenty of vacant lots and green space, people in the Garfield neighborhood have come up with a plan to revitalize the area.

Could tiny homes attract residents and be the key to remaking the area? Joining us to share this vision for Garfield is Rick Swartz, executive director of the Bloomfield-Garfield Corporation.

Swartz explains that the tiny houses envisioned by the Bloomfield-Garfield Corporation are small, single-story dwellings of no more than 500 square feet that are intended for 2-3 occupants.

The tiny home project, suggests Swartz, offers a solution for Garfield by providing low-cost housing and filling empty lots. Since the houses are small, they can built with high quality building materials and green building standards at a much more reasonable cost than a full-size house.

Responses to our Twitter question: "Can the creation of tiny homes create a fresh start for Garfield?"

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