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Local United Way Donations Up 2 Percent From Last Year

The United Way of Allegheny County raised $34,698,986 during their 2014 fundraising campaign, a two percent increase over what they raised the previous year. Their fiscal year ends June 30.

Much of this year's cash went to the United Way’s helpline, PA 211, which answered more than 72,000 calls from people needing help with food, shelter and clothing. Call volume has increased three times since the line was established four years ago.

Funds also went to provide free tax preparation, connecting mentors with middle school students, providing supports for veterans transitioning back to civilian life and programs to help people with disabilities become more independent.

Bob Nelkin, president and CEO of United Way of Allegheny County, said their track record speaks for itself.

“We’ve shown that we can have measurable results helping people with disabilities or frail seniors or young children to succeed in school or families that are struggling or veterans," Nelkin said. "People want to be part of that.”

There are folks in need all over Allegheny County, he said.

“People are working two and three jobs just making $10,000 or $11,000 a year," he said. "They’re just one crisis, one thing breaking down, a car or an appliance or a health care expense – and then they need help.”