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Generations Of Veterans To Bike 335 Miles In Honor Of Military Service

Daniel Oines

When some of Jack Kudrav’s colleagues began passing away, he decided to take a 335 mile bike ride from Pittsburgh to Washington D.C. in order to reflect, mostly on his time in the military. Now, Kudrav organizes a group of veterans to take that same bike ride with him and raise awareness about the struggles facing veterans.

“Besides helping raise the issue and keep the issue alive in the community, I think each vet that will participate in the ride will have the time to reflect about their own experiences with the people that they served with honorably,” said Kudrav.

About 30 percent of the homeless population is made up of veterans, so Kudrav said this 4th of July weekend represents more than fireworks and barbeques. Many of them struggle with mental illness, drug addiction and unemployment upon returning home.

Kudrav is hoping he can raise awareness to this issue through biking, which he began after being diagnosed with terminal cancer.

“It was like reconnecting with an old friend,” said Kudrav.

The group can expect to bike about 75 miles a day and be supplied with plenty of refreshments and water from volunteers along the route. Kudrav said they’re ready for the trip.

“We’ve actually been practicing for a number of months.Some of us were actually trying to ride when it was snowing.”

Ultimately, Kudrav hopes this event coupled in with the holiday weekend will allow the public to keep veterans issues in the forefront.

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