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Muslim Storefront Aims To Encourage Women To Be Entrepreneurs

Muslim Women's Association of Pittsburgh
The Muslim Women's Association of Pittsburgh opened its storefront in Oakland in September.

A new retail storefront is the latest effort by the Muslim Women’s Association of Pittsburgh to empower women and support its mission.

The association opened a Muslim women and children’s shelter three years ago, and helped finance it through the sale handmade goods like knit ware, quilts and pottery. Now, they’re selling those items at the FEW OF A KIND store, which opened in Oakland in September.

Executive Director Sarah Martin said her organization sees their faith as being one which empowers women.

“Muslim women, since the days of the Prophet, have been encouraged to be educated, to work, and to be producers, and so we’re keeping a long line of traditional Islamic values,” said Martin.

The organization also provides classes for women to work on leadership and financial skills.

“We encourage women to be entrepreneurs and we provide a space where they can bring their goods and develop concepts for small business,” said Martin.

The store, located at Craig Street and Centre Avenue, also serves as a Muslim bookstore, and interfaith community space for lectures and classes. 

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