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Pittsburgh Shelter Overflowing With Stray Cats, Hoping For Adoptions Before It’s A Cat-Astrophe

Walk into Pittsburgh's East End location of the Humane Animal Rescue and you'll feel dozens of eyes on you. The shelter is currently overflowing with an influx of stray cats. 

"It's definitely kitty season," Ashley Burk, the shelter's manager of public relations, said. "It just really has to do with the fact that if there are strays on the street, they're not spayed or neutered. It's really easy for cats to get pregnant, have those kittens and then just continue to multiply."

They are an open door facility that does not turn away any animals.

Credit Allyson Ruggieri / 90.5 WESA
90.5 WESA
Sasha (10) has been in the shelter since April.

In addition to overpopulation, the shelter sees its fair share of hoarding cases.

"Sometimes we get an influx of 20 cats from the same household," Burk said.

Burk estimates that in the summer, the shelter takes in upwards of 1,500 cats per month. 

The Animal Rescue is hoping Pittsburghers will visit their adoptable animals.

"Kittens might sometimes be the first choice because they're young and they're playful, but it's also important to remember adult and senior cats. They can be just as good or sometimes better than a kitten because they are more mellowed out," Burk said. "They're kind of in their adult primes so remember that there are adult and senior cats that need homes." 

Credit Allyson Ruggieri / 90.5 WESA
90.5 WESA
Lily Ellen (7) poses for the camera.

As for current pet owners, Burk emphasized the importance of getting pets spayed or neutered.

Kittens are $65, adults are $35 and seniors are $25 to adopt. The shelter is running a summer discount as well, two kittens are $100. Also included in the adoption fee are current vaccines, spay/neutering and micro chipping.  

The Humane Animal Rescue has locations in the North Side and their newly opened East End facility. They also have their wildlife center in Verona, Pa. Check out their adoptable animals here.

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