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Pittsburgh Police Charge 2 With Throwing Rocks Onto Cars On Route 65

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Two people were charged after police say they threw rocks on to cars from an overpass above Route 65.

Pittsburgh police say they've taken two juveniles into custody for throwing rocks onto vehicles from an overpass above Route 65.

Several vehicles called 911 to report their cars being hit with rocks or other items about 9:30 p.m. Tuesday.

One motorist says cars were forced to slow down because of a broom left in one lane of travel. It's not immediately clear if the youths who threw the rocks also threw the broom or placed it there so cars would slow down and become easier targets.

It wasn't immediately clear Wednesday how many cars were hit, how badly they were damaged, or whether anyone was injured, though one woman told WPXI-TV her husband was hit in the head by a rock that came through their sunroof.

Police haven't released the names of the suspects.