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Midstate Communities Weigh Whether To Allow New Mini-Casinos

The mini-casinos recently made legal under the state's gambling expansion have been the target of controversy in many communities.

The state's new gambling expansion law is already triggering debate in communities across the commonwealth about whether they should try luring one of 10 new mini-casinos allowed under the law, or ban them.

Pennsylvania's 10 largest casinos will be able to start bidding in January on licenses allowing up to 750 slot machines and 30 table games at satellite locations which cannot be within 25 miles of a competing casino.

Midstate cities such as York, Lancaster and Reading could be targets.

Communities have until December 31st to vote to keep casinos out.

Lancaster Mayor Rick Gray says he'll probably recommend a ban, even though host communities get a cut of the profits.

Officials in Lawrence County, which is on the Ohio border, are in favor for pushing for a casino.

(Photo credit: LetNoun/Flickr)