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New Cultural District Substation Gives Pittsburgh's Zone 2 Police A Second 'Home Base'

Kathleen J. Davis
90.5 WESA
The new substation on Liberty Avenue in the Cultural District on Monday, Nov. 20, 2017.

Pittsburgh's Zone 2 police officers have a new way station in the Cultural District where eight officers will be available during the day to assist residents, businesses and visitors.

Zone 2 Commander Cristyn Zett said she hopes the substation at Liberty Avenue and Market Street will help officers and the Downtown community develop a closer relationship. The main Zone 2 office is on Centre Avenue in the Hill District; Zett's officers rove a wide swath along the Allegheny River from Downtown to Upper Lawrenceville.

"Now we have a home base that's right here, and people can stop in and talk to an officer about anything they see, make a reports, get some assistance, and we'll be able to give them a hand," Zett said.

The substation officially opened during Light Up Night last Friday, Zett said, but had no need to respond to any calls that evening. Police leadership are still deciding which officers will be based at the new location.

"It's been a great opportunity to be right in the heart of Downtown," she said, "And really interact with [the neighborhood] without trying to race around and just get to all the calls."

Several violent incidents have been reported near the new substation in recent years, often involving young people. The Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership, which helped bring the substation to the Cultural District, has been working with the U.S. Attorney's office to do outreach with local teens.