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Winter Storm Update: Snow Delays PA Vaccine Shipments; Totals Over 8 Inches In Some Areas

Emma Lee
Dogs frolic in their snowy yard in Moorestown, N.J.

A Winter Storm Advisory is in effect until 7 p.m. on Friday for Northern Delaware, Southeastern Pennsylvania, and Southwestern and Central New Jersey.

COVID-19 vaccination and testing

The winter weather has caused vaccine shipment slowdowns from the manufacturers, affecting the majority of vaccine providers across the commonwealth.

Lindsey Mauldin, senior advisor on COVID-19 response for the Pennsylvania Department of Health, said the Moderna vaccine was not shipped on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday from the distributor to the DOH; the Pfizer vaccine was not shipped Monday and limited doses were shipped Tuesday and Wednesday.

Mauldin noted this would cause a backlog both for orders going directly to providers, as well as to the health department for allocation to providers.

It was not clear how allocations would be prioritized with limited supplies. This delay is on top of the mishandling of second doses of Moderna vaccines reported Wednesday, leading to more scheduled first-shot appointments than available supply.

Maudlin said patients with appointments should stay in touch with providers as closely as possible to understand delays.