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Former State Police Commissioner Colonel Paul Evanko On Responding To The Events Of September 11

Jared Wickerham

More than 600 troopers and officers with the State Police assisted with the investigation and recovery efforts when United 93 went down in Stonycreek Township, in the days and weeks after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

The man who led the agency was Colonel Paul Evanko, who served two terms as commissioner under then-Gov. Tom Ridge.

Evanko’s personal notes detailing the state police response to 9/11 are now in the collection of the Pennsylvania State Archives and will be on display at the State Museum of Pennsylvania, starting September 9th.

Colonel Evanko spoke to WITF's Tim Lambert about that day. Sam Dunklau and WITF’s Joe Ulrich produced this remembrance from that interview.