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Top Stories: Primary Election Results; Paris Bombing Suspect Extradited

Good morning, here are our early stories:

-- Key Paris Attacks Suspect Salah Abdeslam Extradited To France.

-- Trump Sweeps Northeastern Primaries; Clinton Cements Wide Lead Over Sanders.

And here are more early headlines:

Plains States Struck By Heavy Storms, Tornadoes. (Reuters)

Former House Speaker Hastert To Be Sentenced Today. (USA Today)

South Sudan Rebel Leader Back In Capital To Become Vice President. (Time)

Venezuela Imposes 2-Day Public Sector Work Week Over Energy Crisis. (BBC)

Sangay Re-Elected Prime Minister Of Tibetan Exile Government. (AP)

North Korea Calls Rare Party Congress Next Week. (CNN)

Searchers Locate Data Recorder From Sunken Cargo Ship. (Wall Street Journal)

Activist Harry Wu Dies, Campaigned Against Chinese Labor Camps. (AP)

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