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Golfers Compete For Last Chance To Qualify For U.S. Open

Gene J. Puskar


Hundreds of golfers are trying to secure the remaining spots in the U.S. Open, which takes place this month.

This year, the annual golf competition is being held at the Oakmont Country Club, just outside of Pittsburgh, June 13 through 19.

About half of the 156 competitors have already been chosen – roughly 70 are top professionals who were entered automatically. Ten-thousand golfers wanted the remaining spots and 10 sectional qualifying rounds across the country on Monday determines who gets them.

USGA spokesperson Pete Kowolski said professionals and amateurs alike are hungry for a chance to compete.

"It’s probably the most democratic of all the championships," said Kowolski. "It is very much so 'an open.' Amateur players who have a 1.4 USGA handicap index or better can enter and try to qualify.” 

Kowolski said the Open’s accessibility to amateurs is part of what makes the event so important. 

“A lot of them are younger guys who are thinking about playing golf professionally as a career,” he said. “And the rest are aspirational.”

The full lineup of competitors is expected to be announced by Friday, June 13.

Competitors will take on last year's champion, 22 year-old Jordan Spieth. 

The last amateur to win the Open was in 1933.