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Prosecutor: Attorney General Kathleen Kane Acted Over Revenge

Dan Gleiter
PennLive.com via AP, Pool

State Attorney General Kathleen Kane's criminal trial is underway in Montgomery County.

So far today, jurors heard two conflicting versions of how the state's chief law enforcement officer came to be a defendant.

Prosecutors described Kathleen Kane's actions as "lies, leaks and lawlessness," while her defense team told jurors she did nothing wrong, except make a few, "honest mistakes."

During opening statements, prosecutor Michelle Henry laid out how Kane was incensed by a bit of bad press and wanted to get back the man she blamed for the story by orchestrating a negative article of her own.

Henry said Kane leaked two confidential investigative documents to a Philadelphia Daily News reporter, documents required by state law to remain secret.

The two men who helped Kane with the leak, her former deputy Adrian King and political consultant Josh Morrow are expected to testify.

Kane's defense attorneys say she wanted information about a criminal investigation revealed to the public, but did not authorize the illegal ask herself.

The trial is expected to last a week. 

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