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PA Mistakenly Omits Past Incidents In 28 Background Checks



A state agency says it mistakenly cleared 28 people to work with children without noting their past.

The state Department of Human Services says it should have included incidents of abuse or neglect to the reports for the 28 people who pursued clearances through the state's Childline.

DHS blames its IT system for mistakes in eight of the cases, but says employees failed to note incidents in the other 20 cases.

The agency says it's made changes, is providing re-training for employees, and has hired a consultant to provide an independent review.

Despite the mistakes, the department says the people who were cleared would have still been permitted to work with children under state law.

DHS has processed about 2.5 million child abuse clearances over the past two years.

Ben Allen was the Morning Edition host at KOSU, from March 2012 to October 2013.