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Top Stories: Candidates Differ On Energy Policy; Probe Gets Close To Mars

Good morning, here are our early stories:

-- On Energy And Climate Change, Clinton And Trump Differ Sharply.

-- European Space Agency Probe Approaches Surface Of Mars.

And here are more early headlines:

Iraqi Offensive Against Mosul Proceeds Slowly. (AP)

2 Chinese Astronauts Launch Into Space. (New York Times)

European Probe Prepares To Land On Mars. (

Private Space Launch To ISS Is Delayed Until Monday. (

More Rain In U.S. Northwest Today After 2 Storms Strike. (AccuWeather)

Hoboken Rail Service Set To Fully Reopen After Crash. (Wall Street Journal)

Thousands March In Paris Against Same Sex Marriage. (Reuters)

2 Arrested In L.A. Shooting That Killed 3, Injured 12. (KPCC)

3 Charged In Shooting Death Of Olympic Sprinter's Teen Daughter. (Lexington Herald Leader)

Japanese Panel Examines Possible Abdication For Emperor. (Telegraph)

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