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Ep. 4: 'Reclaim, Remain, Rebuild Our Cities'

Late in the fight for Penn Plaza, a new group of people arrives on the scene. They look at the battle for the apartment complex and see it as a symptom of a much bigger problem: lots of people can’t afford America’s “most livable city.”

They protest in the streets and pack hearing rooms, holding out hope that the buildings can be saved. An unexpected break in bureaucratic ranks presents a new opportunity for the city to make good on its promises.

Margaret J. Krauss is WESA's development and transportation reporter. She previously worked for Keystone Crossroads, a statewide reporting initiative that covers problems facing Pennsylvania's cities and possible solutions. Before joining Keystone Crossroads, Margaret produced a 48-part radio series about Pittsburgh's lesser-known history, biking 2,000 miles around the region to do so.