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'Baseball Is The Biggest Self-Esteem Destroyer There Is'

Margaret J. Krauss
90.5 WESA
Minor League Baseball team the Altoona Curve played 142 games in the 2016 season. The season can be a long, physical slog, matched only by its mental strain.

Baseball is full of disappointments: strikeouts, fielding errors, hitting into double plays. And in the minors, those moments carry extra weight; every guy has his sights set on getting called up to the big leagues. For Jonathan Schwind, there was only one way to stay positive through a long season: take it one day at a time.

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Schwind retired from the Pittsburgh Pirates’ Double-A affiliate the Altoona Curve at the end of the 2017 season.
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Margaret J. Krauss is WESA’s senior reporter. She covers development and transportation, and has produced award-winning podcasts on housing, work, and Pittsburgh’s lesser-known history. Before joining the newsroom full time, she covered the challenges facing Pennsylvania cities as a statewide reporter, and spent another life as an assistant editor for National Geographic Kids Magazine in Washington, D.C. She can be reached at mkrauss@wesa.fm.