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Short: ‘Everyone’s A Friend And Everyone Can Play’

Kevin C. Brown
90.5 WESA
Each day at Carnegie Mellon University’s Children’s School begins with “free choice”: the children can roam from room to room and choose what they’d like to do for the first 45 minutes.";s:3:"uri

Being human is difficult, but learning how to be human can be even more so. For the young students at Carnegie Mellon University’s Children’s School, teacher Jean Thompson Bird begins with making everyone feel included. “Everyone’s a friend and everyone can play,” she says. “That’s kind of our overarching rule.”

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WESA receives funding from Carnegie Mellon University’s Children’s School.

Margaret J. Krauss is WESA's development and transportation reporter. She previously worked for Keystone Crossroads, a statewide reporting initiative that covers problems facing Pennsylvania's cities and possible solutions. Before joining Keystone Crossroads, Margaret produced a 48-part radio series about Pittsburgh's lesser-known history, biking 2,000 miles around the region to do so.