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State Senator Runs For Pennsylvania Attorney General

Montgomery County Republican John Rafferty has thrown his hat into the ring for a state row office that has been held by the GOP since it was made an elected post in 1980. The state Senator says that he is running for Attorney General, the state's top law enforcement official.

"I believe that the Republicans are often looked at as the 'law and order' party. And that bodes well for attorney general candidates or district attorney candidates. And I continue to carry that mantra and that banner as we go forth in this election," said Rafferty as he announced his candidacy.

Rafferty has spent the past nine years working in the state Senate, and he plans to continue to hold his seat while campaigning. He said that along with his legislative experience, his time in business and in criminal and civil law makes him a good candidate.

"Knowing how to draft legislation and enact, work with the legislators — when I become attorney general — on changes that we need for the law, and also being familiar with the budget process, is going to help us in the attorney general's office," said Rafferty.

Three Democrats have announced that they'll run for the position: former Congressman Patrick Murphy of Bucks County, former Lackawanna County prosecutor Kathleen Kane, and Montgomery County lawyer Dan McCaffery.

"They're all hard campaigners, and I'm sure it will be a slugfest in their primary to make the determination as to which one of the three emerges as the candidate to run against me," said Rafferty.