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Joe Preston Falls to Ed Gainey

State Representative Joe Preston has been a member of the Pennsylvania state legislature for nearly three decades, but that will come to an end in December. Preston fell in the 24th Legislative District Democratic Primary Tuesday to one-time employee Ed Gainey by a 66% to 34% margin.

Gainey said he won the race by out-campaigning Preston. "It's hard work, but it is also good work to go door to door and talk to the people," said Gainey, "find out what their concerns are and find out where you can assist them."

There is no Republican for Gainey to face in the heavily Democratic district that includes Wilkinsburg and several East End neighborhoods in the city of Pittsburgh.

Gainey said having a two-way race made a difference. In past races Preston has faced multiple challengers who split the opposition vote.

Despite not having a Republican to face in the November general election, Gainey says he will work hard to get out the vote as his supporters face new voter ID rules.

"The only way we are going to get around that is to make sure we are organized and educate the people about what they need to vote in November," said Gainey.

Gainey fears the new rules in Pennsylvania will suppress votes in his district.