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No Help in Sight for PennDOT Money Woes Funding Wrap_Mary Wilson_SOC.mp3

An update to Pennsylvania’s Transportation Program reveals PennDOT will likely have to deal with lower funding levels for the next dozen years.  The report recently released by the State Transportation Commission estimates $41.6 billion dollars will be available for transportation projects, which is about $10 billion less than the previous update two years ago.

PennDOT expects reductions from the federal government and flat funding or more cuts from the state.  PennDOT spokesman Steve Chizmar said the department will focus on safety and existing projects to make the most of the money. 

“The reality is, that there’s always going to be more projects than there are available dollars.  So that’s what this plan does, it really looks at those projects that makes the most sense to the various regions of Pennsylvania and those are the ones that are included in the 12-year plan,” said Chizmar.

PennDOT has updated its 12-year transportation plan based on the new data and input received during a public input period.  Chizmar said the plan focuses on safety and preserving the state's current infrastructure. 

“What we’ll do is, obviously as we move ahead, maintain our existing infrastructure and make those improvements that make sense,” said Chizmar.