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Facebook Page Demands Corbett's Impeachment Anti Corbett Wrap_Mary Wilson_SOC.mp3

A Facebook group calling for the impeachment of Governor Corbett has apparent friends in two state lawmakers, but the politicians say they never meant to establish a connection to the page. The “Investigate and Impeach Tom W-Corbett” Facebook group shows on its member page the profile picture of State Senator Daylin Leach (D-Montgomery) but the lawmaker said he doesn'’t recall getting a request to join the Facebook group, and said he will leave the group if he figures out how.

"Yeah I was unaware of accepting it," Leach said. "I have no memory of accepting it, I don'’t know when it was accepted, I don'’t know if it tells you that.  That’'s not my position.  I don'’t support impeaching Tom Corbett."

Until last week, State Representative Jesse White (D-Allegheny) was also featured as a member.  He has since removed himself from the group, blaming Facebook rules that allow someone to add Facebook users to a group without their consent.

"I don’t want my name appearing there to be as any sort of endorsement or implication that I'’m organizing or involved in it in any way, because I’m just not," White said.

Kevin Harley, spokesman for Governor Corbett, said he'’s not concerned.
"Within about four minutes we found about three or four Facebook postings calling for the same thing for other governors, both Republican and Democrat.  So this goes with the territory of being an elected official," Harley said.

The apparent founder of the group could not immediately be reached for comment.