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Natural Gas Impact Fee Collections to be Distributed

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In the next ten days, municipalities and counties across the state are slated to receive their cut of the the roughly $204 million of impact fee revenue from Marcellus Shale natural gas drilling. Local governments in drilling regions are getting cash to spend on a menu of pre-approved areas, such as low-income housing and road repair. State Senate President Pro Tem Joe Scarnati said the money could have a big impact on communities that have experienced the heaviest drilling activity.

"They’re going to receive maybe $50,000 in impact fees. That doesn’t sound like much. People around the state may laugh about that. $50,000? But when you have a $150,000 budget, it makes a difference," said Scarnati.

State Public Utility Commission chairman Robert Powelson pointed out, all 67 counties will receive some portion of impact fee revenue. "There are communities in southeastern Pennsylvania, where I'’m from -– Chester County, Delaware County, and Montgomery County, and Bucks County -– that are also net beneficiaries of these funds."

Powelson says those funds are slated for things like environmental programs, bridge repair, and water and sewer projects. Philadelphia County, for example, doesn’t have any active natural gas wells, but is getting $1.3 million.

By contrast, Allegheny County, which is in drilling country, will receive just about $1 million for the environmental and infrastructure projects.

Within Allegheny County, Frazer Township will receive the largest check at $54,720.52,and Trafford Borough will get the smallest at $1.45. Pittsburgh will pick up $6,918.84.

StateImpact PA's Scott Detrow created a list showing each municipality's share of the funds.