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Sandusky Questions to Corbett Have Become "Personal"

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Governor Corbett is again finding himself having to defend the handling of the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse case by the state Attorney General’s office.

The handling of the case was most recently questioned by the Democratic candidate for state Attorney General. 

Saying the criticism becomes personal after a while, Governor Corbett asked, where’s the evidence of a conspiracy?

“It’s all speculation.  There’s not one person out there that’s going to say that I told them, ‘Hold that case up.  Don’t do that.  I’m afraid of [Penn State].’ Not one. 'Cause it didn’t happen,” he said.

Corbett said the people who say politics played a role in the Sandusky prosecution would be making such allegations no matter how the case had played out.  He refered to key witnesses in the case who came forward in November and December of 2010, after he was elected governor. 

“Let’s say they would have come in in May or June.  We would have finished up in September.  I suspect those same people that are saying I’ve been political would say, “well, if you’d brought the case in September 2010, that was political, because it worked to your political advantage, because of all the media coverage that you get,’ he said.

Kathleen Kane, the Democratic candidate for Attorney General, says she would investigate how the case was handled, and why it took three years to bring charges against Sandusky. 

Republican candidate Dave Freed said he would review the case as a matter of course, but also that the proof is in the pudding that the case was well-executed because Sandusky was convicted on 45 of 48 charges.

Corbett said the Kane campaign and Democrats are playing politics and arresting Sandusky earlier would have compromised the case.