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Voter I.D Issues Continue


Last week, the  people who brought the protracted legal challenge to the voter I.D law took issue with the state again.

They asked a judge to order the state to stop misleading ads and correct false messages to make sure voters know they don’t need photo ID to vote in November.

They specifically mention outdated mailings and misleading robocalls planned for the very near future.

The judge has given the state a chance to respond, with its deadline one week before Election Day.

But the ACLU of Pennsylvania’s Vic Walczak says the ACLU of Pennsylvania will file another motion to ask the court to expedite its ruling, because it doesn't want to see efforts to clean up misleading ads delayed any longer.

“We’ve asked the court to order the commonwealth to send corrective notices to seniors that got false information.  We’ve asked the commonwealth to retool robo-calls they’re planning to make to be very clear that people do not need ID on Election Day,” he said.

Walczak says his group will ask the judge to bump the deadline up to give the state only until the end of Thursday to respond.

“We filed our petition five days ago and this gives the commonwealth another six days to respond. Frankly it’s too late to repair the harm that is being done by the false information being sent out by the commonwealth,” he said.

The same state judge ruled earlier this month to partly block the voter I-D law in the November election, allowing voters to vote without showing certain photo I-D.