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Last-Minute Campaign Efforts

If months of campaign ads on their televisions and radios, flyers in their mailboxes, and calls on their phones were not enough to help voters make up their minds, there is always the last minute campaign worker outside of a polling place. 

“I think we are in a situation where most people are here today having already made up their mind but we want to be present and public to say that we are behind our ticket,” said Don Greene of McCandless as he handed out slate cards to voters heading into Northmont United Presbyterian Church, which hosts two districts in that suburb’s ward 4.

Greene said voters had to wait in line at the polling place this morning from the time the doors opened till about 8:30.  After that, he said, the stream of voters has been steady and he expects another line to form later in the day.

There have been some reports of voting irregularities in Pennsylvania including a voting machine in Perry county that was registering votes intended for Barack Obama for Mitt Romney instead.