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911th Airlift Wing Deploys Personnel Overseas


20 Members of the 911th Airlift Wing are headed to southwest Asia, where they will regroup with unit members already deployed there. They will also relieve airmen who have been there and will now get to come home. The unit will continue to haul cargo using C-130 aircraft.

“What we pretty much haul in there are anything from what we like say from beans to bullets, so food, ammunition, equipment, personnel, you name it, if we can fit it in the back, we’re going to take it,” said Captain Shawn Walleck, 911th public affairs officer.

The unit will make deliveries all over southwest Asia to places such as the Persian Gulf, Afghanistan, and the Horn of Africa. Walleck said it’s important work, even though it’s not something you hear about on a daily basis.

“We are in places that people probably don’t even know exist,” he said, “our work is continuous and we really haven’t seen any lulls in the amount of work we do, or the amount of work we train regardless of whether you’re overseas or back home. Our goal is to be ready at a moment’s notice, that’s what we do.”

The members of the 911th who were deployed on Election Day will be in southwest Asia for approximately 60 to 90 days.

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