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Pennsylvania Democrats To Celebrate In DC


Democrats from across Pennsylvania will head down to Washington, D.C.  Monday to commemorate President Obama’s second inauguration and to send a clear message to the president as he begins his second term.

“[The President] is on the right track, and Americans saw through the Tea Party Nonsense, and realized he’s moving this nation forward,” said Pennsylvania Democratic Party Chairman Jim Burn. “So while we go down to celebrate and come up for a little bit of air and congratulate each other, we’re going to be right down in the trenches with this President to push that middle class agenda forward for the next four years.”

Burn added that President Obama’s election victory was a validation for the Democratic Party and its members who worked on the presidential campaign effort.

“We’ll go down there carrying your [Party members] banner, and your efforts, and we hope to do so in a way that reflects your hard work,” he said. “And we’re down there to say thank you to all our friends and volunteers who are part of this fraternity and again, all of the folks in Pennsylvania and Allegheny County who worked so hard to make this moment possible.”

Nancy Mills, Allegheny County Democratic Party Chairwoman, said the trip to the District of Columbia was possible because the Democratic Party has made “self-starters” out of people.

“People stepped up and said, ‘Nancy, do you have any objection to me getting a bus together and pursuing this idea so we can have an Allegheny County delegation?’ I said absolutely do it,” Mills said.

Mills also said the delegation wouldn’t stop with a White House Victory.

“We are also looking ahead to 2014,” she said. “And this same group of people that shows enthusiasm for the President is also as every bit as enthusiastic about electing a Democrat governor for 2014.”