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Rep. Rothfus Calls for Fresh Faces in Congress

U.S. Rep. Keith Rothfus (R-PA-12) says 12 years is more than enough time in elected office.

The freshman congressman from Sewickley says he's backing a Constitutional amendment that would limit House members to six consecutive two-year terms and senators to two consecutive six-year terms in their seats.

Rothfus said he thinks term limits will give Congress new perspectives.

"I think people who are here 30 years, 40 years, they don't get the kind of perspective you have from people who are out in the private sector trying to get their job done," Rothfus said. "I just think it helps us to have more experience from people from the outside coming in."

The amendment only prohibits consecutive full terms, meaning a lawmaker could serve the max, take a break, then serve the max again.

"I would be open to making it an overall max for people," Rothfus said. "We hope to have a debate on it."

A Constitutional amendment must pass the House and Senate by two thirds margins and then be approved by the legislatures in three quarters of the states (38). Rothfus didn't speak to the likelihood of the amendment passing, but he said it depends on how involved constituents get.

"The success for this initiative will largely depend on people calling their representatives, calling their senators," Rothfus said. "It's helpful for our body politic to have fresh blood coming in all the time."

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