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PA Attorney General and Facebook Join Forces for Online Safety

Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane has joined 18 other states and the social media site Facebook in an online safety campaign.  

The initiative is geared toward teenagers and their parents, but Assistant Press Secretary Lauren Bozart said Facebook users of any age should take care about what they post online.  

"Check your audience before you post," she said. "Facebook has online privacy controls, so you can set your audience, whether it be private, friends, friends of friends, public. Make sure that your posting ... if you want the world to see it or you don't want the world to see it, make sure that you're checking the appropriate box."

Bozart said Facebook users should know how to keep apps from accessing their Facebook posts and how to privatize their locations when desired.

Facebook offers videos on its website to answer frequently asked questions about topics such as online bullying and privacy controls.