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Corbett Hesitant to Rank Legislative To-Do List

Gov. Tom Corbett is reluctant to pull any legislative issue from the very top of his crowded agenda.

But other legislative leaders appear more than happy to do it for him.

The governor has said he wants four things done before lawmakers leave for their summer recess: a budget, liquor privatization, a transportation funding package and an approved overhaul of the state’s two pension plans and the debt that comes with them.  

Senate Majority Leader Dominic Pileggi said the pension issue, however, is looking too complex and controversial to tackle by July.

"Just may not be something that we can reach in the crush of other business," he said. "The governor’s clearly indicated his priority is liquor law reform, as an order of priority, and I think transportation infrastructure and I think pension reform is now sort of trailing the pack a little bit."

The House Majority Leader says his caucus will continue to study the details of the governor’s pension proposal.

Corbett’s plan took legislative form within the past week, after three months of looking for sponsors in the House and Senate.