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Ravenstahl Gives Home Docs to Fed Grand Jury

Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl has turned over a $12,000 check and a contract he has for home improvements to a federal grand jury.

The grand jury is believed to be investigating whether the mayor is involved in funding irregularities as his bodyguards have recently been subpoenaed to testify about city-issued credit cards and now the mayor and a contractor doing work on his home have acknowledged turning over the new records.

They pertain to work being done on Ravenstahl's home by All State Development in New Homestead. The company is linked to an excavating firm which has done $2.2 million worth of work for the city since 2010.

All State's owner acknowledged the records were turned over as has the mayor's attorney, Charles Porter Jr.

But Porter says the work is legal and isn't being done for free.

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