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Polls Open But Not Busy for Primary Election

The polls are open in Pennsylvania, and so far there have been no reports of voting abnormalities in southwestern Pennsylvania. Turnout at most voting places has been light.

Officials expect to see about 20 percent of registered voters across the state cast a ballot. That number is expected to be a bit higher in Pittsburgh where a hotly contested mayoral race could boost the numbers.  

North Side resident Doug Nimmo cast his ballot this morning. He said the mayor’s race was of most interest to him, but he votes in every election. He said he cast his ballot based on the candidates’ track records.

“I’ve been watching for years," Nimmo said. "I watch the news pretty closely.”

Dave Demko was looking at the candidates’ potentials rather than their past. 

Credit Deanna Garcia / 90.5 WESA
90.5 WESA
Low voter turnout was reported Tuesday morning at this Beechview polling place.

“This is the future of Pittsburgh," he said. "This is a new Pittsburgh on our horizon. Pittsburgh has the opportunity to become a world class city, one of the cool cities of the United States and our next mayor will make a big difference in what the city becomes.”

Demko was a bit disappointed in the low number of voters that had turned out to his polling place on E. North Street, but he was hopeful the nice weather would encourage voters to come out later in the day.

Along with casting their own ballots this morning, the mayoral candidates were busy trying to get their voters to the polls.  

“Today, we have an army in the streets -every poll covered /every shift, teams on phones, vans getting peeps to polls, tech to track – THANKS,” tweeted Bill Peduto.

“Beautiful day to vote! Please remind your friends, family, and neighbors that polls are open until 8pm tonight,” read a message on Jack Wagner's campaign Facebook page.

Jake Wheatley used Twitter to remind voters that, “Polls have now been open for 2 hours. Have you voted? Be sure your voice is heard and cast your ballot today!”

The race’s fourth candidates A.J. Richardson had not made any public statements as of noon Tuesday.

Polls close at 8 p.m.